We’re going to get fairness restored, my dad says. If there’s one place where that deffo needs to happen, it’s at our school. Have you noticed how we get marks for everything these days? Won’t be long before we’re literally marked for breathing, I reckon. But akshally the way marks work is redoncolous. Here’s how it goes …

Back in Year 7, I hadn’t sussed how marks work. First time I got an E, I shot home to my mum, all stoked. I thought I’d smashed my English homework. She was like, “Wot, an E? You’d better up your game next time or it’ll be extra tutoring for you every Saturday.” I was well confuzzled, ‘cos I thought an E meant ‘Excellent’.

Well, makes sense, doesn’t it? If an E is ‘Excellent’, then a D is ‘Dead good’, a C is ‘Cool’, a B is ‘Better’ and an A is ‘Average’. I reckon it works much better that way round. I should tell Mr Leeder, our headmaster. He always says that more people need to get As, Bs and Cs, so those Ofsted peeps won’t give him so much grief. If it was the other way, then all the kidz what get Ds and Es would be the best and Mr Leeder would be well pleased with them.

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Getting ready for the world of work

Posted: January 19, 2017 in Home

School’s bad enough sometimes, but I’m not in any hurry to leave and get a job. Not after Mr Leeder’s talk the other week about what the world of work might be like when me and my peeps get there. We kidz are s’posed to be getting hope and opportunities, right? From what I’ve seen of work so far, it’s more like slave labour, IMHO.

So here’s the thing. You know how there are all these jobs that real people have to do, like collecting rubbish and painting white lines down the middle of the road and driving buses and stuff? Mr Leeder reckons that all of those things will be done by machines in the future. You won’t need people who are hench enough to lift bins or carry parcels, you’ll need brain power. So all those dudes in Year 12 who are ripped from spending all their time in the gym will have to start exercising their minds instead.

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